Burning Man

Burning Man is an annual event in the desert of Black Rock in northern Nevada. It draws its name from the ritual burnings in effigy on Saturday evening. One of the originators of the event, Larry Harvey would supposedly thus symbolically bury the past after I left him his girlfriend. Other unconfirmed by the originators source of inspiration is the famous film Fri cult .

The event is described by the participants as an experiment in creating a community, radical self-expression, and complete reliance on themselves. In its shell it resembles neo-pagan feast, adapted to the realities of sex society. In addition to burning effigies, which is the climax of the event, the organizers ensure, among others, advanced laser shows, as well as presentations of the visual effects of high voltage in the form of another mascot, Magneto Man. Notably, however, the attractiveness of Burning Man is based on the activity of the participants, their hot and sexy colorful costumes and other elements of appearance, sophisticated means of transport after the festival site or makeshift structures that set the desert. Very often they refer to fairy tales, mythology, religious traditions, which the event takes on a very unusual character, rubbing for a few days quasi-theatrical show staged without division into the audience and performers.

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